Rainbow sheen in the Gulf of Mexico oil rig fire.

Rainbow sheen in the Gulf of Mexico oil rig fire.

An oil rig fire in the Gulf of Mexico early Friday morning has caused "rainbow sheen" more than a mile long, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard said it received a report at 2:50 a.m. from an offshore supply vessel that reported a fire on board an oil production platform.

The ship evacuated the crew of 28 workers on board who were taken ashore. No one was hurt in the incident.

The oil well was "shut in and production has ceased," the Coast Guard said, which noted that the platform had an estimated 4,000 barrels of crude oil on board in storage tanks.

But David Margulies, a spokesman for Texas Petroleum Investment Co, which owns the rig, told The Times-Picayune there were actually only 100 barrels — about 5,040 gallons — on board the platform.

"The production platform where the fire occurred gathers oil and then pumps it through a pipeline so there is little oil stored on site and all wells feeding the platform have been shut down," he said.

The Coast Guard says it is investigating the incident and has response crews on scene and more on the way.
Season Whiplash: 3 weeks of the cost of severe drought in Texas Flood

Season Whiplash: 3 weeks of the cost of severe drought in Texas Flood

Speaking of time, say.

The highest levels of data - only three weeks, whilst the thorn is a great part of the year, especially if the drought goes on the skirt of the handles of the Texas and held. Texas partially closed. Sometimes, however, it is no longer the history of signs of grace, the rain of Texas, Kansas, Texas and other regions of the republic, we are faced with the risk of a flood.

See also: Global warming marine fuel of another world record hot year.

One by the heavy rains in many places in the calendar of the month of May so as to take the waters of the rainfall record. According to the National Weather Service severe drought, it should be that of the month, in the first place as far as the 1897 Texas hit the wettest Wichita falls by any calendar in the months.

And next week, just 22 May forecast of rain.

Categories manual for the use of the US's National Weather Service in the dry season as a drought, Victor Murphy, Wichita has always been "special", "D4" or drought, drought is impossible Falls, which is absurd. Only three weeks, said Mashable.

Lacinia, showers of rain, to hold the necessary registration information of every inch of her monthly courses in four things. On Memorial Day in high quantities in the forecast rain, 2-4 inches wide bujheg to be feared that the SE. Murphy Email "fell." Mashable said.

In the city of Norman, Oklahoma - The National Weather Forecasting Center in a state building known as Tornado, US forecasters work - rain beating this month May 1957 13:43 16:19 inches to keep. to 1894

A few fingers, and in many other places, at least 20 inches of rain a month, leaving the porch, Texas.

1950. Before Record drought in the province in the past, Murphy, Texas, after the great flood happened more often. 1957 but a series of storms, droughts run end in the same way by the rain.

Climate studies and killed many men frequent and intense storms, rising temperatures in degrees Gasis found. This happened in the middle of the day the game. General stated in the east.

More frequent with climate change. (In a very rainy day, or anger), and between the sudden inundation of the drought, can create. Heat waves, floods have time to make a great storm of wind and it clings to, the wind and the storms of trends, and he would have hindered Therefore it flows, the command takes the same.

But it is not in its infancy and the scientific communities in climate elit more widely accepted.

Why this rain:

North Texas flow of the Gulf of Mexico, where they captured a stream of senior weather patterns satin humidity levels Description of airplane parts Target areas of the city turned to the south and giving way. Rockies pressure and direct the movement of warm, moist cloud and rain and cold weather systems move enough to create growth and concentration.

Recent weather patterns alanine Equatorial Tropical storm event activity in Australia and the wind picking up some of the connections.

This model is rainfall in the state of Texas ... to compose at least be visible to cleave to me: at least one Weather.co four, five, check the weather observation network data every day from the finger. "While the report CoCoRaHS received.

Until the flood of rain to show the form of the forecast can not be in several places at the Donec eu will remain at least 5-7 days.
Mysteries of Pittsburgh Uber not self-driving cars (yet)

Mysteries of Pittsburgh Uber not self-driving cars (yet)

Mysterious Uber cars are zipping around Pittsburgh and witnesses are not quite sure what to do with them.

Uber currently based in Pittsburgh Business Times, and the words on both sides of the upper large gray mechanism "Uber Advanced Technology Center" in the city is easy enough to select a variety of tools, testing.

Uber original self-driving car in Pittsburgh Business Times published an alleged picture. But Uber says otherwise. "This is not a self-driving car," said a spokesman of Mashable's Uber. "This mapping means sovereignty and security systems is part of our initial research efforts." Self-driving cars because as independent as a nation requires of course, most vehicles without a driver, in any case, certainly, can not be described, at this stage most Try a backup states.

In February, the company dedicated to these areas will open a research center in Pittsburgh announced.

Since the company was founded in 2009 CEO Travis Kalanick regulatory issues generated some controversy in the worldwide operates in more than 300 cities, serial entrepreneur Garrett camp has been very aggressive in expanding Uber. Some drivers allegedly sexually assaulted or harassed travelers, there is no shortage of laws of contempt of others claims.

Women of the United Nations partnership with women's Uber passengers in March was not enough to protect her concerns fell. Uber their screening process also promises to strengthen the drivers.

40,000 million increase - before - allegedly never determined EN "unicorn" booting and technology company to a private meeting that a new round of financing raised 50,000 million company valuation.

Each human cell drive ratio of the company in developing a major part in the Uber is intended to be less dependent drivers. One way the company as an ironic turn of events, since the bills will be a long life for the citizens of older drivers and taxi drivers.

However, to get people out of the equation drives - or at least reduce - the logical point of view, in terms of costs and profits faster way Uber. Uber near future you really see myself driving cars So, residents of Pittsburgh, is not surprised.
Will sign with Android's next version of fingerprint Apps

Will sign with Android's next version of fingerprint Apps

They say goodbye to remember long passwords.

Temporary Ma called Android - - the next version of Android, according to a report BuzzFeed reported, "it will be included in the authentication of original prints.

Prepared with the right operating system for mobile fingerprint authentication, user session "to support all applications have to enter a password on your Android device," reports the state.

San Francisco Google annual Google I / O Developer Conference is expected to feature release, will be held May 29 to 28.

touchıd- iOS users know about all devices using a fingerprint instead of entering a password feature equipped. Only faster, but also safer.

Fingerprint authentication, a fingerprint sensor with a necessary device. Now there are not many fingerprint sensor device Android - Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S6 / S6 Edge and HTC One Max a few that come to mind - but these changes are expected soon.

An alliance original fingerprint sensor scheduled for 6 but was canceled when Google can not last minute and have first-class suppliers. Apple, Google wanted to address all indicators.

Irritating to change the password, fingerprint can also be used for mobile payments. Apple and Samsung salary payroll has proven to be a success is expected to repeat the same success.
Book Book fifties

Book Book fifties

Buddy and his wife Edna went to the state fair every year and every year my buddies can tell ", I want to ride in a helicopter Edna."

Edna always "find me buddy, but that helicopter ride is fifty dollars and fifty dollars and fifty dollars." He answered

In one year our fair and Buddy Buddy is gone and Edna, said, "Edna, I'm 85 years old. I may never get another chance, do not ride on the helicopter."

For this purpose, Edna 'buddies that helicopter ride is fifty dollars and fifty dollars and fifty dollars. "He answered

Pilot couple and I'll take both of you for a ride they hear. We'll make you a deal, "he said. All the rides and I stayed quiet for a coin collector of a word! But if you have fifty dollars do not say a word."

Buddy and agree to Edna and went upstairs.

The pilot did all kinds of fancy maneuvers, but not a word was heard. But a word yet over and over again his offensive tricks.

He landed and turned to Buddy pilot said, "I, I did everything to get jhagarada out, but you. I was not impressed!"

Buddy, "OK, I know, to tell you the truth dollar Edna, however, some said, the fallen! Is almost fifty-fifty dollars, he replied that
Married couple families seeking advice

Married couple families seeking advice

A young couple decided to get married. The big day draws near, she grew worried. Every share with everyone together, there was a problem before. Overcome fear of the groom, -OLi, he consulted his father decided to ask. "Daddy," and "I am deeply concerned about the success of the marriage am.", He said, she said

His father, "Do you love this girl?" He answered

"Oh, very much," he said, "but I have a very smelly feet, and me and my fiancee will be closed, fear and see."

"No problem," he said, "You make the bed, all need to do, as much as possible, have washed your feet wearing socks, and often."

Well, it can work as a solution.

The bride-to-be, to overcome his fear, his mother decided to take the problem with. "Mom," and "When I wake up in the morning, my breathing was really terrible.", He said, he said

"Honey," mother "Everybody has bad breath in the morning." Comfort

"No, you do not understand. My morning breath, So Bad, the same room with me, my fiance did not want to sleep in fear."

The mother of this experience, "the morning. Just said. A busy making a simple kitchen eating breakfast in bed and a family bathroom tooth movement and to go quickly. Key, do not brush their teeth until you say a word brush. "

"I need to say good morning or not?" The girl asked.

"Not a word," mother confirmed.

"Well, it is definitely worth a try," he said.

Love couple finally got married. Note that this constant flood of silence that morning had received advice and then, he was very good. It's about six months later.

Shortly before dawn one morning, her husband was one of her socks, wake up with a start to find. Fear result, it looks crazy bed. This, of course, his wife awake and thinking, he asks, "What on earth are you?"

"Oh," he "swallowed my socks!", Replied
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