Mysteries of Pittsburgh Uber not self-driving cars (yet)

Mysterious Uber cars are zipping around Pittsburgh and witnesses are not quite sure what to do with them.

Uber currently based in Pittsburgh Business Times, and the words on both sides of the upper large gray mechanism "Uber Advanced Technology Center" in the city is easy enough to select a variety of tools, testing.

Uber original self-driving car in Pittsburgh Business Times published an alleged picture. But Uber says otherwise. "This is not a self-driving car," said a spokesman of Mashable's Uber. "This mapping means sovereignty and security systems is part of our initial research efforts." Self-driving cars because as independent as a nation requires of course, most vehicles without a driver, in any case, certainly, can not be described, at this stage most Try a backup states.

In February, the company dedicated to these areas will open a research center in Pittsburgh announced.

Since the company was founded in 2009 CEO Travis Kalanick regulatory issues generated some controversy in the worldwide operates in more than 300 cities, serial entrepreneur Garrett camp has been very aggressive in expanding Uber. Some drivers allegedly sexually assaulted or harassed travelers, there is no shortage of laws of contempt of others claims.

Women of the United Nations partnership with women's Uber passengers in March was not enough to protect her concerns fell. Uber their screening process also promises to strengthen the drivers.

40,000 million increase - before - allegedly never determined EN "unicorn" booting and technology company to a private meeting that a new round of financing raised 50,000 million company valuation.

Each human cell drive ratio of the company in developing a major part in the Uber is intended to be less dependent drivers. One way the company as an ironic turn of events, since the bills will be a long life for the citizens of older drivers and taxi drivers.

However, to get people out of the equation drives - or at least reduce - the logical point of view, in terms of costs and profits faster way Uber. Uber near future you really see myself driving cars So, residents of Pittsburgh, is not surprised.
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