Will sign with Android's next version of fingerprint Apps

They say goodbye to remember long passwords.

Temporary Ma called Android - - the next version of Android, according to a report BuzzFeed reported, "it will be included in the authentication of original prints.

Prepared with the right operating system for mobile fingerprint authentication, user session "to support all applications have to enter a password on your Android device," reports the state.

San Francisco Google annual Google I / O Developer Conference is expected to feature release, will be held May 29 to 28.

touchıd- iOS users know about all devices using a fingerprint instead of entering a password feature equipped. Only faster, but also safer.

Fingerprint authentication, a fingerprint sensor with a necessary device. Now there are not many fingerprint sensor device Android - Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S6 / S6 Edge and HTC One Max a few that come to mind - but these changes are expected soon.

An alliance original fingerprint sensor scheduled for 6 but was canceled when Google can not last minute and have first-class suppliers. Apple, Google wanted to address all indicators.

Irritating to change the password, fingerprint can also be used for mobile payments. Apple and Samsung salary payroll has proven to be a success is expected to repeat the same success.
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