Married couple families seeking advice

A young couple decided to get married. The big day draws near, she grew worried. Every share with everyone together, there was a problem before. Overcome fear of the groom, -OLi, he consulted his father decided to ask. "Daddy," and "I am deeply concerned about the success of the marriage am.", He said, she said

His father, "Do you love this girl?" He answered

"Oh, very much," he said, "but I have a very smelly feet, and me and my fiancee will be closed, fear and see."

"No problem," he said, "You make the bed, all need to do, as much as possible, have washed your feet wearing socks, and often."

Well, it can work as a solution.

The bride-to-be, to overcome his fear, his mother decided to take the problem with. "Mom," and "When I wake up in the morning, my breathing was really terrible.", He said, he said

"Honey," mother "Everybody has bad breath in the morning." Comfort

"No, you do not understand. My morning breath, So Bad, the same room with me, my fiance did not want to sleep in fear."

The mother of this experience, "the morning. Just said. A busy making a simple kitchen eating breakfast in bed and a family bathroom tooth movement and to go quickly. Key, do not brush their teeth until you say a word brush. "

"I need to say good morning or not?" The girl asked.

"Not a word," mother confirmed.

"Well, it is definitely worth a try," he said.

Love couple finally got married. Note that this constant flood of silence that morning had received advice and then, he was very good. It's about six months later.

Shortly before dawn one morning, her husband was one of her socks, wake up with a start to find. Fear result, it looks crazy bed. This, of course, his wife awake and thinking, he asks, "What on earth are you?"

"Oh," he "swallowed my socks!", Replied
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