Abraham Lincoln once his campaign road, while staying with my grandmother

This story about spa Presidential candidate candidate was not available in 1860, takes place 150 years back. Do not stay in five-star hotel or traveling by private jet - a place we stayed at before, led to a new city for his own campaign, and with a normal family would work around the property.

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was actually my great-great-grandmother. It's quite a domineering woman and Lincoln soon as he has a long list visit was to work as.

I have my grandmother's last work, Abraham, they thought was the end. We are you having for dinner cob and apple pie, corn casserole. Me, "he said, but you must be on the front porch shucking corn and in front of you until there is nothing left'll peel apples.", Will try to stew

And so, where there were two big baskets that took me out to the brim with apples and corn.

Ibrahim peel and began shucking. He left it to me to get an idea of ​​what to check to see how, when they will eat my grandmother constantly. Little is known about the fact that Abraham Lincoln, shucking corn and apple skins very badly.

After what felt like tithing check, my grandmother was real nervous. "Abraham, a country that is expected to run, if I can not help with dinner?", He said, he said

And Abraham Lincoln, Miss Lee rest, quad-core and seven ears. "Answers"
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