A driver pulled Cop pace. It does seem out of Bright

Police approached the gate driver.

"A problem, officer?"

Police said, "Sir, was recorded speed. I can see the license?" Says

Driver, "I give you, but I do not possess." The answer

"You do not?"

"I drink it lost four times to drive." The answer

The police officer is surprised. "I understand that. I can see your vehicle registration papers?"

"I'm sorry, I can not do it."

Police said, "Why not?" Says

"I stole the car."

Authorities "as they play?" Says

Adam "Yes, I killed the owner," he says.

On this occasion, the official Mad going. "You what?"

"You want to see it there in the trunk."

Officer saw him and gradually provides support calls and the back of the car. Within minutes, five police cars around the car smiling. Slowly, his gun drawn half clasping a senior officer, approached the car.

Senior officers "you, Sir, please step out of the car!" Says

Man step out of the vehicle. "Sir, I have a problem?"

"My officer's car was stolen and killed, he told me that."

"The owner of murder?"

Officer, "Yes, you open the trunk of the car, please?", Answer

A man opened the trunk of a hollow body open, but nothing.

Authorities ", meaning Sir?" Says

Man, "yes" and hands-on record paper says.

Authorities, understanding, quite unconscious. "My officers do not have a driver's license is one of guilt."

Accident revealed the man's wallet in your pocket and handed it to the officer. Open the wallet and license review officer. He looks surprised. "Thank you Sir. I stole the car and the owner did not have a license to murder, my officer."

Man, "bastard lying to me, I'd say that speed bet!", Answers

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