The Obama administration's climate change as an issue of national security formatting

On Wednesday, the national security of US President Barack Obama, climate change poses risks highlighted Connecticut US Coast offers a starting address appear in the Security Academy. The White House has identified the potential for costly and destabilizing effects of global warming, each of the many federal assessments, summarizes the findings of a new report released Tuesday.

How our army is to defend our country, "change the climate, global security, saying it would threaten national security immediate risk I'm here today, and make no mistake, it will affect you and what we need to take action -. And now we must take action, "In excerpts of the speech distributed by the White House before Obama's speech, he told graduates of the Coast Guard Academy. Coast Guard region warms and the sea ice in the Arctic melts in the presence of shipping and oil and gas extraction, construction of the challenge to face the present time zone.

"You are the first generation of officers to start the service in a world that is both within us the effects of climate change. Climate change each Service plan, train, long-term," Obama expects means It was equipping and infrastructure, will shape the protection and the way it operates today.

Climate change as a national security issue, designed to portray the risks associated with previous initiatives and public health, managing more voters would be concerned about global warming normally aims to cater to a wide swath. Polling as another environmental problem of global warming, the treatment is much more Republicans than Democrats support barns national security issues, shows that cut across party lines.

The White House report on climate change and national security, including the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security, the federal government in different regions, synthesize the findings of the report for more than four.

This low-lying coast guard and naval bases, including coastal areas also suggests that sea level rise associated with climate change and storm surge events is very clear.

"It is estimated that another 1-foot rise in sea level - only 1 foot - until the end of this century could cost 200 billion dollars of our nation," Obama is expected to say in the speech.

The review of the White House analytical and strategic documents informed the National Climate Assessment, the National Security Strategy of the White House in 2015, four years Defense 2014 Defense and National Security Investigation Department, Department of Safety Research Homeland in 2014 four years are available.

In the report, particularly the civil war in Syria promised, but climate change, water scarcity and food shortages, competition for natural resources, underdevelopment and accelerate tensions related to overpopulation, global instability act as an accelerator "that does not mean states

The National Academy of Sciences journal Proceedings of March published a study, together with the government's response inadequate record sudden food prices related to the drought probably exacerbated social stress was found and at least 200 000 sparks of war dead and the Middle East into a shooting war again in the US Next retreat.

Because reports that water and food supply shortages and damage to infrastructure enforced within or between countries as a multiplier-effect of global warming threatens migration "may increase the risk of conflict," concluding that strong. "The strategic interests of the United States in the world because it is a world power, through the effects of climate change on regional stability, US allies that are important from the strategic to the United States," the report says.

Also available in extreme weather and climate change will affect the design of future weapons systems account. Because of this, long-term exposure conditions of temperature and humidity or sand, weapons planners increased care needs in the field force ready to protect and more units have to plan. In the future, planners should consider based on the increasingly hostile climate trends today.

Nationally, the Department of Defense and the extreme weather and sea level in relation to the increase experienced many of the plant is to see the damage. Installation coast of Alaska in the report, as well as those responsible for dismantling nuclear weapons assembly and examples include the Department of Energy Department Pantex plant in Texas.
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