Look at how Apple opens up new ways of communication

While the first iteration of Apple, the Guard received mixed reviews, the band thrilled with a new level of affordability that could offer - the community with disabilities.

Use public transport for communication through contact with another person, smartvatches level creates flexibility for people with different needs.

David Woodbridge, who is blind and adaptive technologies Senior Consultant Vision Australia, said he was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use Apple, clock, when on the eve of the Global Accessibility Avareness Thursday at the store Apple, in Sydney on Tuesday. He particularly appreciated the convenience and linearity of its interface.

Woodbridge said Australia TripViev Mashable regularly used applications - calendar Sydney transport platform - Apple per hour. Interviews clock and lets you know when the next train is, without removing the iPhone from his pocket.

Alex Jones, who was deaf from birth and works to Ai Media companies subtitles also find useful device because it works with the touch. "Deaf people, depends on the sensitivity, sensation," Jones said.

For him, the tactile technology Apple, clocks - or what Apple calls "Taptic engine" to deliver the keys of the wrist - this is especially useful for navigation.

"I use technology feedback to tell me when I was in town ... the blind, we can feel the pulse to go left or right," he added. "If I run, that's good, because I can feel the vibration - I can feel how fast I go, then stop or go faster."

See also the ability of Apple, to have a more personal appeal. "You can keep your fingers on the clock and send the heartbeat of a loved one," Jones said. "It's quite an intimate experience."

When Jones was raised in the United States, there was no technology for deaf people to communicate. Over time, the deaf calf writing, but units were large and expensive. With the help of special programs, such as SMS and Skype, the community to go to the equation proposed.

Voodbridge agreed. "When we had the IPhone 3 in 2009, literally felt like I was in heaven," he said. "Not only was I able to use the iPhone, which is the core technology. I paid the same price as everyone else."

Jones use video to talk to each other using sign language in applications such as FaceTime on the iPhone - and hopefully soon in Apple - also reduced the barriers to communication. "It gives us instant communication equal access ... now I feel that we," Jones said.

What is an update to Apple, Guard Voodbridge and Jones would like to see in the future?

Holograms Jones. "I could make a little sign in the air, that would be great," he said. "Maybe in five years, I want a hologram."

Woodbridge hopes that other developers will follow the example of Apple, in the design of the wide availability of, "I want other developers to assume that Apple, makes only a matter of time."

"Basically mainstream devices [Sun Company Apple], which increases the level," he said. "I hope that other manufacturers will follow suit ... If Apple can do the rest of you."
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