LG presents its version of Apple's continuity with the flow of applications

Almost a year after Apple first arrivals continuity firmware 8, Samsung will open a new version of the application, making it easy to switch between multiple devices.

Korea Flow smartphone manufacturer released a new Android app that allows people of certain Samsung devices, switch applications at the same their tablets and smartphones. The app is still in beta, but in the end, Nokia says that it brings the possibility of other devices, such as television and smartvatches.

When an application (now available on Google Play) is set to at least two devices, you can transfer or assign the task to another device. If you watch YouTube videos on your phone, for example, you can pause the video and return it to the tablet or choose to supplement it later.

The application uses the built-in Android Share menu really works to thousands of apps, according to Samsung, even though the developers who want to use the button Grandmothers can directly inspire their applications. Charging depends on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi - a cloud service - so both devices also need to be physically close to each other or to the same Wi-Fi network to make it work.

Nokia says it will add a message, Flip, multitasking and other features in future versions. The application is only in the United States and supports only the most recent leading company in the Galaxy S5, S6 and S6 lot Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge, Alpha Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Tablet S, but the company says it plans to add capabilities to your application smartvatches TV and other devices in the future.

This video gives a better view of how applications can work together with other types of devices, Samsung is expanding each function.
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