Osama bin Laden is also concerned about global warming

Wednesday, National Intelligence (DNI) Director, on Osama bin Laden, global climate change and the world as seen through the prism of its impact on the Muslims, takes the poor and vulnerable concerns, according to a document published by the religion.

The document, a DNR office in 2011, about 100 special forces raid in Pakistan, a letter addressed to the leader of Al Kuedo killed when seized documents said, "My Muslim country" is.

Under the influence of weather conditions, with a special focus on the widespread flood victims in Pakistan, bin Laden spoke about the responsibility of both the West and the poor come to the aid of Muslims. Pakistan certificate, signed worst flooding rivers and killing at least 2,000, but when it affects more than 20 million in 2010, he says.

"We are leaving behind a great relationship with the effects of the great pain and climate change our Ummah, natural disasters, we are faced with even more common the fact that in general the Muslim countries is sufficient to bring what is traditionally the relief effort," bin Laden wrote. "It is known that information or God, the Almighty, without a single solution to this disaster, caused by a plague, and the first solution faith and the right things. That's one of the things that help the Muslims."

Disasters such as floods and droughts associated with bin Laden with treatment requirements, as well as climate change, recognized by many countries to reduce the possibility of release. Talk about the floods in Pakistan.

Bin Laden called on to deal with climate change, "permanent humanitarian organization" disaster relief efforts to respond to the growing needs has proposed the establishment of "environmental changes such as more frequent and severe consequences, variety."

September 11, 2001 3,000 more people were killed as well as the world's worst terrorist direct responsibility for the execution of terrorist acts, to consume the water tank hinted about the dangers of valuable underground water is forced into a private Muslim world.

Agricultural wells connecting the main network is very important to establish a network of drinking water pipes, but "but to raise awareness about the Muslim faith needs to use is not lost and dangers for renewable groundwater agriculture-related," he wrote, he said.

Syrian civil war, for example, is added as part of a record drought and bungled government response. Satellite Syria and the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East, including the conflict-prone areas as well as groundwater discharge observations have shown that speed up Pakistan and India.

Order business and a leading Saudi Muslim players in the world of public interest Bin Laden Bin Laden family construction projects will find better things to prepare for the effects of global warming. She irrigation, Sudan, Chad, Somalia and Yemen is to improve water supply and diversion channels considering the construction.

DNI discovery documents Wednesday, the Pentagon attack that killed bin Laden was posted on several factors, which accused investigative journalist Seymour Hersh M, lied about being an attempt to push back against popular stories.
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