NYC Tech Kampusu Office Space Google Kredileri 22.000 Feet

Google is all in an effort to help New York and one in the development of the local university, high quality and technological capabilities. At a press conference Monday at the Google headquarters in New York City, CEO of Google, Larry Page and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the search giant has 22,000 meters of office space available for CornellNIC Tech. The new campus on Roosevelt Island is completed. Another high-profile technology agreement is a victory for mayor of New York. The city was recently appointed technology center fastest growing in the country.

Manage million - Home office estimates at $ 10 million - will provide a temporary home for the so-called first town Bloomberg University of Applied Sciences, Google will provide space for five and a half or so was Roosevelt Island . already

"It all happened because of love of Mayor Bloomberg, he always had contempt for Health is impossible." Said debt also noted that he was inspired by the municipality to emulate. when he saw primary workspace.

Page content described the investment as Google came up with the idea for the dreams he planned takeover of all links on the web. "And to come back." When he told his students that the advisory opinion of counsel agreed and the rest is history. Page showed that few people working in applied sciences. "But look what managed a small minority.".

As part of this objective with this investment applied science Google "More people are waking up at night with a crazy idea to change the world," he said incumbent also noted that owns the building. He said one bought for about $ 8 billion provided by Google, with the flexibility to do this thing to remember is that Google founders applied Cornell. But he could not remember if it was accepted.

Cornell won the competition to build a university in New York late last year. It will start moving into temporary space on Google within two months and will welcome the first class this fall. Page said Google's office would have been "compressed" to get new people.

University offices keeping Google will also provide "a great opportunity for cooperation," said Page.

This, together with other universities (made with other universities and support of IBM and Cisco) is Bloomberg said. "A spin-off of hundreds of thousands of jobs and started.".

Want to know what will show CornellNIC Tech University. View our gallery of Google headquarters in New York below.
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