Google+ Hangouts with its Lumia Lives: iPhone users should change?

Want to find the key to really like the iPhone Windows Phone 8? Join our Google + Hangout 15:00 ET today and ask away!

When I started Lumia occurred earlier this week, he wanted to answer a fundamental question. I have only three days in the trial, and I love the fact that Windows Phone 8, I do not know whether the parties, and we drive there are other aspects "button, you can use the iPhone to Windows Phone 8". The walls are up to

For me as a journalist, as suggested by the community most interesting part of this process ,. 8 phones on other platforms so interested in trying to Windows Phone (iPhone only) There are a lot of users on smartphones: they practice, they will be familiar with the work, and. Nitrites put their lives.

So we could have a debate about the advantages and disadvantages of changing the application to your views on this issue is part of why I so wanted Google + Hangouts. The Lumia 920 and Windows Phone is best to try to respond to your questions on the eighth
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