To celebrate the victory of Obama Expands to Google+

President Barack Obama opposed social media on Tuesday night to celebrate his historic election victory? Few

Obama broke retweeted on Twitter, and his. 'Tweets four years, including posting to Twitter after the election. He, along with pictures of the confetti-filled in Instagram feed his "thank you" in a post normally they both are now in the third row of one million likes on Facebook, was created. Post on the cross

However, Google+, the date of the presidential election have much use has dropped from a victory celebration. Feed Wednesday afternoon of the Last Post. "It's time to go to vote," there on Tuesday morning (see above.).

Obama, compared with nearly 23 million Twitter, Google + is like 2.3 million followers on Facebook, with nearly 33 million times, no doubt social media team of the president can be forgiven for focusing on large networks.

But in the context of promoting the message of inclusivity seems strange snub. Why not cross post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from the film's success and his Google+ that will provide the opportunity to comment on it or not?

Obama's Google+ page he launched in November 2011. "We're still kicking the tires and looking," so we wanted to see where you are and what you want your ideas on how we can use. to "Read the first post to help you connect with the campaign."

At least on the question of the President of the Republican Party in the process of winning a few months later with Google+ Hangouts his first.

Mitt Romney election night. Twitter or Google+ account, but did not improve his Republican challenger new timeline cover photo and update his Facebook page with images that simply read, "Thank you.".
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