Bigger is better? 12-inch Apple working on iPad

Much better? Apple thinks so.

According to the report, the technology company Apple 9.7 inches and 7.9 inches counterpart and multiple account sign-in, devoid iPad 12-inch version allows to improve, is seen as the ability to minimize the two applications together, lots.

You can reach the shelves several sources familiar with the matter after a while if this year's biggest company, 9to5Mac, according to a report by, say, in coming months, Apple's WWDC conference, you can identify features of this program.

IPhone sales growth, with sales of iPad. Less than expected and less than 23% compared to the same period last year sold 2.4 million units, analysts volume - last quarter, for example, the company sold 12.6 million iPads.

IPad sales compared to the previous version, and certainly ate - 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively, - with large screen, it is possible for the first time last fall, additional iPhone 6 and Chapter 6 for refusal.

This is true, but the big question is whether to revive weak sales, MacBook 12-inch iPad, because some computer and its display screen size can be confused with.
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