Facebook Messenger now allows people to communicate with you in context

A message can be quite a scary experience, I do not know. Did you find it? The same approach?

Not a Facebook friend or a message to give a little information about the first time, or Thursday, less jarring New Facebook Messenger is a new feature introduced with connections. Angels team over the next few weeks, the US, UK, Germany and India is rolling out iOS and Android users.

An icebreaker or a similar idea, "the angel as a way to provide context for the new talks," a Facebook spokesman said Mashable.

For the first time, a message and so they Eyup and when a mutual friend (if any), and then, the city or the information such as name and profile photos that city, my Facebook Profile Put a little bit with the first message, it shows that are like:

April quietly rolled cookie data Facebook application for Android smartphone owner of Hello new features offered on similar lines about the person on the other end.

But people will see the Messenger feature is a bit more understanding. Casino respect user privacy settings and displays thinks would be the most useful information. You and the other person's Facebook friends are not really, especially the key - if this is the case, the information is used only to open their own public profile.

Scheme of things for great little feature, but one that makes the angels. 1.44 billion monthly active Facebook user data sits with messages about the use of new people to give you some context so that public information? Another friend spent more time serving you is a message for you - Messenger feature helps encourage user participation, and of course it was a win-win.
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