The recent experiments brings new powers of Google Chrome.

Perhaps the best experience of Google's latest Chrome Extensions are seen.

Sir, the new browser add-on sound local companies quickly close with a URL to share. Extensions are available in the Chrome Web Store and Chrome no matter what kind of computer you have, any user can be used by.

To extend the functionality of a "listening" and each car is very close to the initial volume, which will require at least two computers, has to be equipped with. Open tab you want to share with your neighbors, then click on the toolbar, and set up a link via Chrome will be phased out from all computers in a browser extension. Notifications

A browser add-afternoon, Alex Kauffman was born and Boris SME Google blog, the company writes research.

"Such as e-mail and chat, which grew out of the idea that digital communication infinitely, faster, cheaper and easier to share things with people around the world to have made it. If No stand with you to share with some more complex, "Kauffmann and SME wrote," I talk to them as easy as sharing digital colleagues is to give voice to. ".

Mashable surprisingly well in the test of the expansion work - the sound comes through the headphones even when close to a laptop for voice detection can be extended. Multiple computers to share a time extension is possible, provided that each additional line installed.

SMEs too original and words that are designed to work like the browser, Coffman level such as operating results will depend on other factors that the. Remote Audio

It is based on the interest in the works as saying. Space, privacy and sensitivity microphone, speaker, and you are standing acoustic properties even when the orientation of the laptop will affect the credibility of sound. Everyone will be broadcast each vehicle close to the people all the words ever heard say that. But delivery by maintaining and debugging to be increased. Google facility, and several groups have found a balance between price, of course, we have small teams and families with multiple computers is also expected that the students.
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