AdBlock Plus returns to Android, so you can browse without ads

Ad blocking one of the most popular applications and finally, after a break of two years, Android back.

Adblock Plus, the popular browser extension ad blocking, lock the browser, the company behind the ad was released on Wednesday - baked to remove the mobile browser for Android with a-service companies. Google Google ad for the new application has been locked for more than two years after the first Android app.

Add to lock the browser is not available through Google can still play, but all Android users can get their hands on the beta version of Google + references, download and then join this group. The company said it hopes to eventually iOS version of the application.

Some of the guidelines are not in accordance with the default browser settings to block all ads, "advertisements that are acceptable." Some of the common standards that are automatically white listed site, involving a company's process (application, users can also choose to give up all ads for definitions.)

Adblock rather than build its own browser, Mozilla Firefox, a version of the application interface is similar to other mobile browsers. Writing on the company blog, Felix Dahlke Opera Adblock is particularly interesting to note that the open approach of the company.

"Building on our browser, so for us to understand and easy to configure, integrate a feature class adblocking give you more freedom," Dahlke said. "For now, our goal is to build a mobile browser-integrated solid with a large adblocking."

The company's second "big plans for the future", but keep it within Firefox Dahlke said that experience. E 'online store application, however, remains to be seen.

Google, the search may take a little bit, in part expected to be approved for such other disruption "Google's history with the company. Last Adblock Plus is an application on Google Play in 2013 had to be removed because of" unauthorized services or products ".

But the good news is that - at the moment, at least - the company found a solution without that Google Play.
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