Fueled by warming oceans, Earth is on course for another record warm year

Once again a world record in the 12-month period was warm....

Created in April 2015, May 2014, land and ocean temperatures mark in the world of dieting has become a Tuesday, the National Oceanic and according to new figures released just last month, a record-tying 12-month period The atmosphere was warm (NOAA).

Every industry conditions can vary slightly, although two other centers of global temperatures, NASA and the Japan Meteorological Agency, results generally, NOAA confirmed.

In addition, NOAA from the beginning, or the equivalent month of the previous year, making 2015 on pace, a record warm January-April period is detected. In the third month of April, NOAA, the world record for August was hot to get hot in the ranking was a small fall.

In recent months, the average temperature of 1.08 degrees Fahrenheit above a record high for the month (0.60 degrees Celsius), the temperature of the sea surface in April, was due mainly to the sea.

Sea from February to June as the warmest 12-month period ending in April 2015 with 12 months of 2014, 1.06 degrees Fahrenheit above average (0.59 degrees Celsius) is, NOAA found.

According to climate predictions, about a 90 percent chance of El Nino Southern hemisphere, in the summer of 2015, and by 2015 it will be 80 percent more likely to continue.

"Normally Rising global temperatures to El Nino conditions, all events that have serious implications power" NOAA analysis found.

NOAA reliable global temperature over the past 136 years of data, and during the last two years, almost all of the warm period is 12 months. Only one, from September 1997 to August 1998 took place outside of the current decade.

However, due to strong El Nino years, the introduction of carbon dioxide and methane, such as man-made emissions of greenhouse gases, global warming trend, increasing significantly the average global temperature could increase The incidence of moderate to severe

Even more impressive in the last four of each 12 month period, according to NOAA, recorded four warm the planet is estimated that as fact.

NOAA data from the last 12 months using seven - May, June, August, September and December 2014 and March 2015, or attach a new monthly record high temperature was established.

In addition, nine of the 10 warmest calendar year based on data from NOAA, usually in the last 15 years with 13 of the last 15 years, since 2000, have occurred at the global level. The chances of this happening by chance - but man-made pollution and a combination of natural climate variability - climate and weather research team reporting the East, less than 1 in 27 million

Global warming would be expected without the warm and wet year occur randomly over time.

Repo recorded almost 136 years only to return to the world, while in other studies the Earth's climate has seen much further. Other data in the main global warming gas level was not high enough to indicate that while the ice cores, trees, corals and other so-called "normal" data from tree rings shows the data Using that, for at least 4,000 years of human history, it was not hot.
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